I want to thank and commend The Law Office of Kevin Krist for the incredible job he did for our family. In January of 1998 my wife Sonja was rendered paraplegic due to medical malpractice caused by a negligent doctor. She had to have 24 hour care and was left with a feeding tube and tracheotomy.

Unable to take care of herself, she required constant care from nurses and family members. We were left with mounting medical bills that almost drove us into bankruptcy and destitution and were unable to make house payments and pay bills on time if at all. Thankfully we were recommended to Mr. Krist for help. Mr. Krist immediately studied our case and went to work taking on a huge hospital system that did not want to be responsible for the wrongdoing that caused Sonja’s life to change forever and put the family in a terrifying hardship.

Mr. Krist helped us incredibly and got us the money we deserved to be able to eliminate the huge debt we were left with. Also we were able to purchase equipment and personnel to help Sonja have a better quality of life. I am not sure where we would have been today if it had not been for Kevin Krist.

Our family would highly recommend him to anyone that has suffered due to a negligent company or organization. Mr. Krist is a personal and caring attorney that will fight hard for his clients and get them what is deserved. Thank you again Mr. Krist for everything you did to help us.