*many large recoveries and settlements are confidential by agreement. The listed recoveries represent results that are non-confidential to the extent disclosed.

$34,034,004Jury verdict settled for $17,164,328$7,031,587Jury verdict for 32 year-old who suffered brain injury involving mild cognitive impairment and severe motor impairment when vehicle in which he was a passenger was rear ended by an 18 wheeler at highway construction zone due to contractors failure to post warning signs
$16,379,000Settlement$6,630,584Wrongful death settlement for widow of a truck driver who was burned and later died as a result of an explosion/fire at toxic waste disposal facility
$8,189,000Settlement$3,315,089Settlement for truck driver burned during explosion/fire at toxic waste disposal facility
$8,100,000Jury verdict$2,946,343Jury verdict for husband, daughter and parents of pregnant mother murdered by purse snatcher at mall with no security
$4,630,000Settlement$465,590Wrongful death action by widow and surviving children of pilot killed in breakup of defective aircraft
$4,182,000Jury verdict settled for $2,109,386$863,024Jury verdict and settlement for widow of husband killed in 18 wheeler accident
$4,000,000Settlement$1,640,498Settlement for oilfield worker burned in flash fire and explosion
$3,500,000Settlement$989,954Settlement for burns and other injuries suffered by retiree when commercial vehicle driver crossed centerline of rural road
$3,400,000Settlement$1,145,664Back injury to plant worker in industrial accident
$2,600,000Settlement$1,067,895Settlement for refinery worker who suffered back injury in explosion during maintenance operation
$2,550,000Settlement$1,034,461Wrongful death settlement for widow of professional photographer killed in helicopter crash
$2,440,286Settlement$1,017,335Policy limits settlement. Doctor and hospital failed to timely treat 42 year old wife and mother resulting in severe brain damage
$2,360,000Arbitration award$897,452Wrongful death award for widow and two minor children of fast food patron killed during fight
$2,350,000Settlement$981,611Recovery for start-up company duped by investment bankers
$1,800,000Settlement$733,310Fortune 500 oil field service company stole trade secrets of fledgling British company
$1,750,000Settlement$586,218Settlement for back injury to truck driver in industrial accident
$1,400,000Settlement$213,858Recovery for refiner whose chemicals in process were damaged by power outage
$1,100,000Settlement$369,847Settlement for intoxicated bar patron who fell down unmarked elevator shaft and suffered mild traumatic brain injury
$1,000,000Jury verdict$369,358Punitive damage jury verdict for surviving adult family members of construction worker killed in crane accident
$1,000,000Settlement during trial$454,368 fees and expensesSettlement during trial for oilfield worker struck by lightning after being ordered to work during a severe thunderstorm
$975,000Settlement$405,887Delay in diagnosis of breast cancer
$975,000Settlement$400,977Delay in diagnosis of breast cancer
$900,000Settlement$308,431Settlement for wrongful death of electrocuted maintenance man
$800,000Settlement$300,856Wrongful death action by widow of fisherman lost at sea in 28’ fishing vessel when defectively designed hull fractured, body never recovered.
$750,000Settlement$351,239Settlement for female executive who suffered mild traumatic brain injury when defective door closing mechanism fell on head
$750,000Jury verdict settled for $378,078$154,214Jury verdict settled for loss of consortium stemming from husband’s brain injury
$725,000Settlement$273,727Settlement for young driver who suffered foot injury in collision with wrong way driver
$695,000Settlement$282,267Settlement for nursing supervisor denied permanent disability by insurer
$550,000Settlement$233,326Settlement for painter who injured feet in fall from scaffold
$515,000Settlement$170,000Adolescent boy inappropriately photographed by doctor who befriended the family. No insurance.
$500,000Settlement$208,344Settlement for graduation student who exacerbated pre-existing congenital neck defect in auto collision
$500,000Settlement$153,200Teenage camper injured ankle after falling from zip line
$500,000Settlement$198,459Settlement for young lawyer who suffered internal injuries as a result of pooling of water on highway
$500,000Settlement$185,098Policy limits settlement for death of woman whose physician failed to diagnose deep vein thrombosis
$495,000Settlement$148,284Recovery for back injury to rig builder who fell through open manhole
$488,610Jury verdict$148,061Judgment paid in full upon jury verdict for apartment tenant who injured back after falling down stairs in need of repair. Defendants offered zero prior to trial.