Every day people throughout the US are victims of wrongful death.  Yet many people do not know what the term means or what their rights are as a victim.  The term wrongful death applies to people that died, being victim to an accident of some sort.  A wrongful death suit is a civil action, rather than criminal, typically brought by a close family member of the deceased.  Although criminal charges may be brought on by the prosecutor this allows the family to seek monetary damages due to the loss of a loved one.  This is an important distinction for while prosecutors may do a good job bringing the perpetrator to justice they will not seek a monetary award for the family.  If the person that died was an income provider this can leave families in an impossible situation – dealing with emotional grief and the loss of income simultaneously.

There are many situations that can lead to a wrongful death case including:

Houston Wrongful death lawsuits can be brought against individuals, companies, and in some instances various levels of government.  On September 24th the family of an Arizona man brought a wrongful death suit against the City of Scottsdale after a police officer shot him in the head while holding his seven month old grandson.   The case is under investigation by the Scottsdale police department.  In the meantime the family, through help of an attorney, is seeking damages through a wrongful death suit.

“It is important to deliver justice for grieving families.

 A positive verdict in a wrongful death suit will never bring back our clients loved ones

but it will help to ease the financial burden caused by their passing. 

Anything we can do to make this tragic time easier for our clients is important.”

–          Kevin Krist

At the Law Offices of Kevin Krist we help grieving families throughout Texas seek damages for wrongful death cases.  We have won verdicts for many clients including a $16,379,000 verdict for a client whose husband was burned, and later died, as a result of a chemical explosion and fire at a toxic waste disposal facility.  Another client of ours received over $4 million in damages after an aircraft broke up mid flight – killing her husband.  These verdicts were an important step in insuring the survival and comfort of the family.

Bringing wrongful death suits do more than ease a family’s financial burden – they help prevent others from experiencing the same pain you are.  For example companies that are hit with a large verdict against them are more likely to review how they conduct business and change policies and procedures to ensure that people remain safe.  Companies cannot afford to repeatedly pay damages and if lawsuits continue to mount against them they may lose their insurance coverage.  Even if families do not care about receiving financial damages for themselves bringing a wrongful death suit can prevent the suffering of others.

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