In Texas, one person was killed in a car wreck every 2 hours and 54 minutes on average in 2011. The crash statistics from the Texas Department of Transportation also indicate that one person suffered an injury in a Texas car accident every 2 minutes and 29 seconds on average. There was not a single day in 2011 when someone did not die in a wreck in Texas. In total, 3,050 people were killed and another 211,006 people were injured in Texas crashes over the course of a single year.

These tragic statistics represent a tremendous loss. Many injured victims require medical care and are often traumatized by the accidents. They suffer significant pain and often cannot work for extended periods. Many Texas car accident victims never fully recover from their injuries. In cases where a wreck causes death, grieving family members are left to pick up the pieces.

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About Texas Car Wrecks

When you make a car accident claim, you’ll need to show the other driver was responsible for causing the crash. There are many different causes of car accidents in Texas, and a variety of types of careless driver behavior may be the reason for the wreck.

There are certain driver actions that more frequently cause car accidents. The Texas Department of Transportation has provided a comprehensive list of contributing factors to auto accidents within the state. According to this list:

  • Drivers’ failure to pay attention caused 297 fatal crashes in 2011. Distracted driving has become a major problem in Texas and throughout the U.S. reports that drivers who use a handheld device when they are driving are four times more likely than other drivers to get into crashes that cause injury.
  • Driver inattention or distraction was also the cause of 10,707 serious injury crashes in Texas, as well as 16,776 non-serious injury crashes and another 45,178 crashes that caused only property damage.
  • A failure on the part of the driver to control speed caused 419 fatal crashes; 13,202 serious injury crashes; 24,634 other injury crashes; and 58,466 non-injury crashes in Texas in 2011.
  • Fatigued or drowsy driving was the cause of 152 fatal crashes; 1,914 serious injury crashes; 1,453 other injury crashes; and 3,992 non-injury crashes in Texas in 2011. Drowsy driving may be just as dangerous as driving drunk, yet Drowsy reports that 60 percent of adult drivers who answered a Sleep in America poll admitted to driving while fatigued in the year prior to the survey.
  • Driving within the speed limit but at a speed that was unsafe for current road conditions was responsible for 390 fatal crashes; 4,739 serious injury crashes; 3,219 other injury crashes; and 11,559 non-injury crashes in 2011 in Texas.
  • Drivers who were under the influence of alcohol caused 549 fatal wrecks in Texas in 2011, resulting in the deaths of 1,039 people. Drunk drivers also caused another 3,975 serious injury wrecks; 2,451 non-serious injury crashes; and 6,950 non-injury accidents.
  • Drugged drivers, who are typically punished under impaired driving laws, caused 176 fatal accidents; 788 serious injury crashes; 530 other injury accidents; and 1,184 non-injury wrecks in 2011 in Texas.

These thousands of crashes, injuries and deaths could have all been prevented if drivers had made safer choices. Drivers who take their own lives, the lives of passengers and the lives of others on the roadways into their hands should pay for the consequences of their bad choices.

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When a driver engages in dangerous behavior and causes a car wreck, the innocent victims or their family members may be entitled to a variety of different types of compensation.

Texas auto accident damages can include payment of:

  • Pain, suffering and mental anguish
  • Medical costs, including future ongoing medical care and rehabilitation costs
  • Lost wages and reduced earning capacity.

Additional damages may also be available in cases where the injury caused disfigurement or ongoing impairment. Exemplary damages may be available where the defendant’s conduct was exceptionally reckless. The more serious the injury, the more potential liability the defendant has and the larger the amount of compensation the injured victim could receive.

In the most tragic cases where someone has died as a result of a serious motor vehicle accident, the victim’s surviving spouse, children, parents or other close family members may be entitled to wrongful death damages, which can include compensation for:

  • Loss of the deceased family member’s earning capacity
  • Loss of the deceased family member’s care, maintenance, support, advice, counsel and services
  • Funeral expenses
  • Mental anguish
  • Loss of companionship and society
  • Exemplary damages, if the wrongful death was caused by someone else’s willful conduct or gross negligence.

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