Explosion and burn injuries take a terrible toll on every victim. Serious injuries suffered in an industrial explosion or fire can mean months or years of painful treatment and rehabilitation, as well as a risk of lifelong disfigurement and special medical care needs.

If you or a loved one has suffered injury in a catastrophic explosion or fire, it’s important to meet with a qualified, experienced Texas personal injury lawyer with a proven track record of success. Serious explosion or burn injury cases call for serious representation by an attorney who has the resources and knowledge to investigate your claim and hold accountable the parties responsible for your injury.

Texas Catastrophic Explosion or Burn Injury Claims Require Skilled Representation

Serious explosion or burn injury cases can be among the most difficult to handle. They require the proven legal skills of an experienced, qualified personal injury attorney to obtain maximum compensation for those who’ve been hurt.

Among other difficulties, an explosion or fire can reduce buildings and equipment to rubble, destroying important clues and evidence about what caused the explosion or fire in the first place. Getting to the root cause may require assembling a team of forensic experts and others who can thoroughly investigate the accident and analyze the scene of the catastrophe, not only to determine who’s responsible, but to prove it in court.

In addition, when accidents involve petrochemical plants and other industrial settings, there can be a host of people and companies who might be responsible for causing an explosion or fire. These can include employers, facility operators, independent contractors handling certain jobs or making repairs on-site, and equipment manufacturers and installers. When multiple defendants are on the line, it’s common that they and their insurance companies, many with their own sophisticated legal teams, try to escape liability and muddy the waters by casting blame against one another.

That makes it even more important to have your case handled by a highly-qualified personal injury attorney who has personal, proven experience in complex injury cases. Those skills and experience are crucial to keeping your injury claims moving aggressively toward securing compensation based on the facts and painstakingly gathered evidence in your case.

Victims of catastrophic explosion and burn accidents in Texas may be entitled to recover substantial damages, such as compensation for pain and suffering, mental anguish, disfigurement, physical impairment, medical costs and lost wages. If your spouse, child or parent was killed in an explosion or fire, you may be entitled to wrongful death damages.

Kevin Krist has recovered millions of dollars in compensation for serious explosion and burn victims and families in Texas. He’s ready to explain your rights and how he can help in your injury case, too.

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