Even Houstonians Should Prepare for Winter Driving

Recently, wintry weather moved across Texas, causing numerous accidents, some of them fatal. Some think we’re in for a tough winter. For that reason, it’s important that everyone revisit basic tips for winter driving. Holiday travel peaks during November and December. People are going to holiday parties, visiting family and friends, and heading to the … Continued

The Season for House Fires

With the arrival of the holidays, the risk of a house fire grows. People are more likely to use portable heating devices and light fires in fireplaces because of cold weather. Kitchen fires are more common as people cook for family get-togethers. An average of 1,300 kitchen fires occurred on each Thanksgiving Day from 2009 … Continued

Dangerous Amusements: Bounce Houses in Houston

Bounce houses are used at parties, carnivals and festivals. People can rent them for family reunions and backyard birthdays. But many parents don’t know just how dangerous they can be, and even fewer realize they are tightly regulated by Texas law. Bounce houses are accidents waiting to happen, particularly when they aren’t maintained or set … Continued

Texas’ Deadly Daily Accident Trend

Each day for the past 13 years, someone has been killed in an auto accident on Texas highways, according to the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT). More than 45,000 people have been killed on Texas roads since November 7, 2000, the last day without a fatal crash. Many of these deadly accidents are completely preventable. … Continued

Could Another West Explosion Happen in Your Community?

When the West Fertilizer Plant exploded in April, people across the state of Texas wondered if the same type of explosion could occur in their communities. That’s because this plant wasn’t one that most of its neighbors feared or thought posed a threat. But it did. Fifteen people died when ammonium nitrate within the West … Continued

Houston School Bus Accident and Safety Facts

Whenever a school bus accident occurs, you hear about it in the news. The thought of a bus filled with children crashing is a frightening one. For this reason, it comes as a surprise to many people that school buses are actually safer than cars in the event of an accident. School Buses Safer than … Continued

The Link Between Houston Drunk Driving Accidents and Football Season

Texans are passionate about their favorite football teams. But sometime that enthusiasm leads to excessive drinking during games. During football season, there is often an increase in the number of fatal drunk driving accidents. As people go out and celebrate victories or drown sorrows, they sometimes forget that drunk driving can be deadly. The Texas … Continued

Shouldn’t School Safety Zones Be Safe?

An 11th-grader at Davis High School in Houston was injured recently when she was struck by an SUV as she walked across Spears Road. KHOU reported that the intersections there lack crosswalks or guards and that parents say something must be done to keep students safer. Areas surrounding schools are often designated as school zones, … Continued

Top 5 Websites for Texas Driver Safety

As a frequent driver, whether you commute daily or take several road trips every year, accident avoidance and driver’s safety are no doubt important to you. Finding the best sources of driver’s safety information can be difficult with so many options. We have compiled some of the most worthwhile sources of information for Texas drivers. … Continued

Man Attacked by 3 Dogs, Woman Who Owned Dogs Charged

If you have a pet dog that requires a daily walk, you likely don’t think twice about your safety when walking your furry friend. For many, walking the dog in the morning  and evening is as routine a task as brushing their teeth. But, when you live in an area with other dogs, the morning … Continued